Join Your Library for Your Free eBooks Service

Please note that all Knowsley libraries are currently closed. However, you can still join and register via email for our fantastic free eBook/e-Audio Book service. Once we are open again, your eBook membership can easily be upgraded for free to a full library membership, giving you access to our full range of products and services. See here for details of how to sign up for this.

Our eBooks membership gives you full access to our wide selection of library eBooks and e-Audio Books, to be read and listened to on your smart phone or tablet. Our full membership gives you all of this, plus access to our extensive selection of library books, as well as access to our computer and printing facilities in your local library.

Becoming a member at any level is free of charge.

We always treat your personal information with the greatest of care. Details of how your information is used can be viewed in our Privacy Notice.

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