New Online Courses

LearnDuring lockdown people are looking at different things to do and learn, you may have exhausted your reading supply and are looking for new things to keep you occupied at this challenging time. There are lots of free online courses and informative podcasts available. Why not have a look and learn a new skill, or brush up on the ones you already have, from learning skills for everyday life such as online banking or shopping to learning another language or brushing up on your maths and English, there’s something for everyone.
Even though the kids still need to do their school work there are some child friendly websites that have fun ways of learning, offering games and puzzles, coding, informative videos and even online books. All great ways of alternative learning, keeping their inquisitive minds busy.
Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting different courses, all free and easily accessible. Something to pass the time away while you’re at home, sit down with your laptop or tablet and have a cuppa while you’re learning.

See the current selection below

Free Online Courses – Kids
Whyville – Lessons about the real world in a fun way, also showing how to safely use the internet. More than 100 games covering a variety of subjects. Kids can make their own avatar.

Funbrain – Focusing on maths and reading in a fun way, online books, interactive games and puzzles, good for children who struggle to pay attention.

National Geographic for kids – Child friendly education, games puzzles and video and learning in a casual environment.

BBC Bitesize – Offering daily lessons in a variety of subjects, for kids aged 3-16, great for home schooling

Code – Children as well as adults, child friendly courses and one hour tutorials

Courses for Adults
Learn my way – Free courses to learn digital skills, covering online basics, office programs, etc easy to navigate

Memrise – Great if you studying for a language basic to advanced, covers GCSE integrating learning with entertainment. Lots of subjects covering GCSE and A level work i.e. maths, science, and economics

BBC Podcasts – For more casual learning, podcasts are updated weekly and range from finance, to sport to current events. Not too in-depth and easily accessible

Future Learn – Online courses to learn about subjects that interest you. Short courses covering a variety of subjects

Make it Click – Bite size resources to build skills using social media, email, Microsoft Office etc

Learn for Everyday Life – Provided by Lloyds bank with lessons on digital skills, video calling, online fraud, online safety and improving your CV

Cambridge in Colour – Online photography website which is a learning community for photographers, from beginner to expert. Tutorials and interactive learning covering everything related to digital photography